Well, we all know the deal … Cars and Watches!

Drive Time, Watches Inspired by Automobiles, Motorcycles and Racing (Expanded Edition)

The automotive and watchmaking worlds are inextricably linked: car guys are watch guys and vice-versa. Inspired by his fascination for all things mechanical, luxury author Aaron Sigmond wrote “Drive Time, Watches Inspired by Automobiles, Motorcycles and Racing”, whose first edition was released just two years ago and sold out in just a few months.

As with the original edition, the Expanded Edition conducts a fascinating exploration of the connections between these two categories of beautifully crafted mechanics from different perspectives. With over 50 all-new pages, this lavishly illustrated coffee table book looks at over a century of automotive-inspired watches, with a focus on the iconic watches of the 1960s and 1950s up through current timepieces. It features a foreword by car-and-watch collector Jay Leno and an afterword by Jean-Claude Biver, President of the LVMH Watch Division.

The perfect gift for watch and car enthusiasts, the expanded edition of Drive time is published by Rizzoli New York. It is priced at USD 85 and can be purchased online or from bookstores.

Hardcover 10” x 12.5” / 272 pages / 180 color photographs.


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