1988 Aston Martin V8 Volante

Looking to satisfy demand for an open-top iteration of the V8 Coupe, Aston Martin unveiled the V8 Volante in June of 1978. The Volante remained in production for 11 years, and whilst engineering development continued over its production run, the muscular character of the car remained the same.

In 1983, the V8 range received several substantial improvements, which included revised heating and ventilation controls, and BBS alloy wheels. Aston Martin later introduced an updated model, designated the Series V, in January 1986, which featured Weber/Marelli electronic fuel injection. This technology allowed for a restyled flat bonnet, which many customers found more pleasing to the eye.

Delivered new to Sweden, this V8 Volante is one of the 216 examples equipped with the Weber electronic fuel injection. It is also just one of 113 built post-1988 with the Federal catalysed engine for the export market but was thankfully delivered sans the rubber bumpers of the North American vehicles. Built especially for the original owner and with its second custodian today, this V8 Volante still remains as new in its original colours of Burnham Green with a Natural hood and interior.

With an odometer showing just 27,000 km and the original four-piece luggage set, a nicer V8 Volante would be hard to find.

RM | Sotheby’s – MONACO 2018


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