This Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato Is Now the Most Valuable British Car Ever

Selling for an eye-watering amount at Goodwood.

Aston Martin’s 1961 ‘MP209’ DB4 GT Zagato became the most valuable British car ever at Goodwood’s 50th auction on July 13. The ex-Essex Racing Stable car sold in the room to an anonymous European buyer, who paid £10,081,500 (approximately $14 million USD). The car is one of only 2 legendary ‘VEV’ Zagato’s that were created by the aforementioned stable.

The car had been owned by a single family since 1971, who kept the car in perfect condition. The car is also notable for being driven by F1 world champion driver Jim Clark, who used the vehicle in the RAC Tourist Trophy at Goodwood and in the Paris 1,000 KM in Montihery. These facts helped make the vehicle the most covetable Aston Martin models from the ‘60s, which helped push up the sale price. Look at the gallery above to see more images of the car.


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