The Porsche Mission E Will Be Priced To Worry The Tesla Model S

Tesla is currently the only company that makes a real competitor in the full-size electric luxury car space. Chevy, Nissan, and VW are all focusing their efforts on a cheap electric car for the masses, which Tesla is also doing at the moment, but the latter had their luxo-rocket out of the way already. As such, it’s gone virtually unchallenged since it came out in 2012.

Porsche, however, have slowly been revealing details about their direct Model S competitor, the Mission E, and sources have now confirmed to Automobile some specifics of the car’s price and performance.

Porsche will likely offer three configurations, and it’s no coincidence that the cheapest one starts at almost the same price as the cheapest Model S–around $75,000 for a 300kW (402 hp) model. Up next are the 400- and 500-kW variants (536 and 670 hp respectively), which will probably mirror Tesla’s pricing increments too. But since it’s a Porsche, I wouldn’t be surprised if options and performance upgrades can drive the price up to the neighborhood of a fully-loaded P100D (around $145,000-$150,000).

Automobile also got some general details about the Mission E’s driving experience. While the Model S is, in ironically classic American fashion, an unparalleled straight-line bomber, the Mission E will take a more German approach. The initial cars can still run a brisk 0-60 sprint of around 3.5 seconds, which is far off the P100D’s 2.3 seconds, but will give the Mission E more of an Autobahn personality, built for long cruises at high speeds rather than battery-punishing acceleration. One noteworthy mechanical difference is that the Mission E will sport a two-speed gearbox that Porsche says will allow for upshifts at full throttle, rather than the Model S’s single-speed unit which is the primary factor in its rather underwhelming top speed of 155 mph, when many cars with less power can go much faster.

As far as range, details are scant, but the Mission E’s will likely at least match a Model S, so expect something in the neighborhood of 300 miles officially, and around 260 unofficially. Or, if you’re using all that power to its fullest extent, about nine.



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