PETROLICIOUS / 1961 Ferrari 250 California: A Drop-Top Espresso Shot

The Ferrari 250 – pick just about any version – was the ultimate 1960s grand touring car and it was introduced to the world before that decade had even begun. More than half a century later its genetic code is still identifiable in today’s top sports coupes, but for this edition of Morning Coffee we’ve ditched the roof for a blast around Britain’s B-roads in a rare open-headlight version of the series II California Spyder. With a Tipo 168 3.0L V12 planted below the sultry length of the hood, four-wheel disc brakes, a shorter wheelbase and a wider track than its predecessor, later Sypders like this one owned by Hexagon Classics’ Paul Michaels offer the strongest cocktail of classic front-engined Ferrari performance and Italian coachbuilt style from the house of Scaglietti. If you’ve had your espresso already, here’s the second shot.


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