Petersen Museum to exhibit iconic Porsches

The effect the Porsche marque has had on the world is incredible. As such, the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California, has created a new exhibition, The Porsche Effect, to celebrate the magnificent marque – and some of the most successful sports cars it’s produced.

The exhibition will be staged in the Mullin Grand Salon, as well as in an all-new Porsche-dedicated vault, with 50 cars on display, including the 1938 Berlin-Rome Type 64, a 906, the 919 endurance racer, a rare ‘X83’ Turbo S Flachbau 964, the Gulf 917K, the Jägermeister 962, the legendary Porsche 935 K3 Le Mans winner, and the 928 H50 study, a four-door prototype of the 928, on loan from The Porsche Museum. Accompanying the cars will be rare and seldom-seen historical documents and artefacts, film footage, and visual reproductions – illustrating the evolution and accomplishments of the brand over its seven decades of operation. Everything on display will be divided into five sections: Elements of Style, Zuffenhausen and Beyond, Extended Families, Innovation through Competition, and Word/Image/Object.

The exhibition will open on 3 February, with a preview reception and panel discussion with Hurley Haywood, Patrick Dempsey, and Tommy Kendall taking place on 1 February.


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