Nike Celebrates Wimbledon with Grandstand II „Strawberries and Cream“

The tennis event’s favorite snack.

To close out 2017, Nike revealed plans to bring back the Grandstand II after a 25-year hiatus. Since then, we’ve seen “Arctic Punch” and “All-Over Logo” iterations of the silhouette. Now, with Wimbledon upon us, another new spin on the shoe has surfaced.

This time around, Nike takes its inspirational cues from Wimbledon’s “most popular snack” for a “Strawberries and Cream” version of the Grandstand II. Fittingly, the shoe is adorned with strawberry graphics and a “C.R.E.A.M.” print in Olde English font on the back area.

You can take a look at the Nike Grandstand II “Strawberries and Cream” above.


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