Native Union PR-01 Speaker / $800

French audio experts La Boite Concept teamed up with Native Union and spent seven years perfecting the PR-01 by re-inventing a patent filed in 1976 and adapting it to the digital world. The PR-01 is wireless, with unmatched sound fidelity using two speakers (and one internal woofer) inside a multi-amplified pneumatic system. The speaker is made from solid wood, and the walnut veneer is combined with daily-wear resistant fabric and a brass-colored control panel for a minimalist, timeless look. The modular design also features a concealed drawer with charging ports, has universal wireless and voice-activated streaming connectivity, and charges Qi compatible devices when placed on top when used with a compatible Qi charger (sold separately).

Tweeter: 2x dome / Woofer: 1x 5″ Long Tour / Midrange: 1x 5″

Length: 16.14″ / Height: 9.33″ / Depth: 10.07″ / Weight: 26.4 lbs.


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