Nana Mouskouri / No Moon At All

From the album: “The girl from Greece sings“ – 1962 / Produced by Quincy Jones / Orchestra conducted by Torrie Zito / Lyrics: D. Mann / Music: R. Evans

No moon at all
What a night
Even livened bugs empty their light
Stars have disappeared from sight
And there’s no moon at all

Don’t make a sound it’s so dark
Even fido he’s afraid to bark
What a perfect chance to park
And there’s no moon at all

Should we want atmosphere
For inspiration be one kiss
Will make it clear
That tonight is right
And right from life nights

No moon at all
Ah poor boy
This is nothing
Like they told us of
Just to think
We fell in love
There’s no moon at all
And there’s no moon at all
And there’s no moon at all


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