Marc Newson / Sterling Silver Tea Service

Commissioned by Georg Jensen to create a tea service in sterling silver, the Newson tea service is a limited edition of 10, stamped with an ‘MN’ maker’s mark.

The design and engineering process took more than six months and included the integration of state-of-the-art technology with handcraftsmanship of Jensen’s legendary silversmith through the inclusion of rapid 3D prototyping in the initial phase of development.

The Edition pieces require more than three months of hand hammering, and will be made to order in the company’s workshop in Copenhagen.

The service is comprised of 5 pieces; teapot, coffee pot, creamer, sugar bowl, and tray. The teapot, coffee pot, and creamer are embellished with responsibly sourced mammoth handles, while the tray’s perimeter is wound in natural rattan.


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