Blaken Rolex „Daytona Paul Newman III“

Featuring cinematic panache.

Rolex entered the „Cosmograph Daytona“ into the race in 1963 – the first Rolex with a tachometer engraved on the bezel for estimating motor racing lap times, distances and speeds. These were almost unbelievable features at that time meaning it quickly became the first choice for racing and rally drivers. Rolex immortalised Daytona, a legendary location for motorsport enthusiasts, on the watch face. By the time Paul Newman publicly wore this watch in his leading role in the
racing driver film „Winning“, it had become the one of the iconic time pieces of the 20th century.

For the second time, Blaken’s Vintage Line now presents a model that is not coated with the typical Blaken luxurious black coating, having instead a hand-painted vintage watch face in the „Paul Newman design“. The Blaken Vintage Line „Daytona Paul Newman III“ is limited to 78 examples and each individual example is delivered in a handmade, wooden collector’s box in finest macassar and ebony.


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