Blaken Rolex Blue Indigo

Deep Blue in High Performance.

The Blaken Blue Indigo is a masterpiece of the finest Swiss watchmaking genius. It is the watch of choice for researchers who work in physical testing facilities and laboratories featuring strong magnetic fields. Where many other watches fail, the Milgauss continues to work with total reliability.

Its magnetic field-resistant Parachrom-Breguet overcoil spring is equipped with a protective shield that enables it to resist magnetic induction of up to one thousand Gauss.
The technology is unique, and the look utterly distinctive. The bright blue fabric wrist band works in harmony with the indigo blue dial. Luminous white indices and orange numerals create style accents and make it easier to tell the time under the shimmering, greenish sapphire crystal.

Meanwhile, the lightning-shaped second hand in orange moves round the blue like a badge of distinction. The Blaken Blue Indigo is tested to withstand magnetic storms and is limited to just 25 copies worldwide.


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