Apple to Introduce New Lower-Cost MacBook With Retina Display

The notebook may launch at WWDC this summer.

If a new DigiTimes report is to be believed, the MacBook Air isn’t the only entry in Apple‘s laptop lineup that’s set to receive an overhaul in 2018. According to the report, a new lower-cost 13” MacBook is on the horizon, too. And the best part? It’ll feature the same Retina display utilized by the current 13” MacBook Pro.

The report goes on to state that Apple was originally intending to use a Chinese manufacturer for the MacBook’s displays, but has ultimately decided to go with LG following quality control issues with the aforementioned Chinese displays. While additional details remain largely unknown, the notebook is expected to start at $999 USD — the same MSRP as the current MacBook Air — and launch sometime around WWDC in June.


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