Alfa Romeo 1600 Junior Z

It was at the Turin Motor Show of 1967 that the President of Alfa Romeo, Giovanni Luraghi, met with Zagato to discuss the creation of a more compact and lightweight body based on the Giulia for a clientele that appreciated aesthetics. The distinctive and handsome design was first launched in 1300 form, then going up to 1600 in 1972. In this configuration, the production was limited to just 402, probably due to the much higher price of this exclusive coupe.

The 1600 Junior Zagato that we present has had only two owners. It is still equipped with its original engine and its colour „Blu Francia“ that the car received at the factory. The body was repainted in 2010, with a very careful restoration that totaled € 12,000 in costs. The mechanicals was also the subject to refurbishment, with an engine repair bill which amounted to nearly € 7,500. The interior is in good original condition and still has its Zagato carpet from the period, impossible to find nowadays. The car is equipped with new GTA alloy wheels, and comes with its original registration documents. It is therefore a well preserved and one of the rarest of the famous Giulia coupes: an exclusive and highly desirable car indeed.


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