1974 Ferrari 365 GT4 BB

In 1973, Ferrari introduced the road-going interpretation of its phenomenal 512S endurance prototype racer. Showcased as the nemesis in Steve McQueen’s celebrated film Le Mans, the 512 was powered by a highly advanced horizontally opposed 12-cylinder engine. A derivation of the competition motor was soon integrated into Ferrari’s next flagship road car, which had been delayed due to the popularity of the 365 GTB/4 Daytona.

Named for the displacement of a single cylinder, as well as its four-cam overhead valve actuation, the 365 GT4 BB was the progenitor of two decades of flat-12 production models, eventually culminating in the legendary Testarossa designs. In the short term, the model was the first of a family of berlinetta boxers with increasingly powerful engine specifications. The resulting rarity of the 365 GT4 BB has made the model particularly desirable among enthusiasts around the world, particularly as the incredible-sounding carburetted engine was later phased out and replaced by a fuel-injected development. With production of the Ferrari 365 GT4 BB totalling just 387 examples, the first berlinetta boxer was, and remains, the lightest, purest and rarest of the berlinetta boxer family.

This 365 GT4 BB, as documented by Ferrari historian Marcel Massini, was completed at the Ferrari factory on 10 June 1974, wearing Scaglietti body number 168. It was finished in Bianco Polo with a Pelle Blu interior. This GT4 BB is still presented in its original colour and with an original, well-patinated interior. Delivered new in June 1974 to Motor S.A.S. di Carla Allegretti in Rome, Italy, it was sold in early 1975 to its first owner, Mr Norelli, a 23-year-old Italian resident in Cosenza, Italy. Retained by Mr Norelli for 12 years, until January 1987, it was sold to its second owner in Rome, who then subsequently sold the GT4 BB to its third owner, Rome-based aluminium manufacturer Comital, in February 1988. After the Comital business closed in 1996, this GT4 BB made its way to Sweden, in the hands of John Helenius.

Now showing less than 44,000 km on the odometer, this highly original, matching-numbers Ferrari 365 GT4 BB presents astute collectors with the opportunity to own an example of the rarest and most pure of the berlinetta boxers. The 365 GT4 BBs have always been – and are likely to remain – highly sought after, both for their incredible looks and impressive driving characteristics. This example is no exception, being presented in such a rare colour specification with its beautifully patinated original interior.

€350.000 – €400.000

RM | Sotheby’s – MONACO 2018 – Offered on: Saturday, May 12, 2018


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