1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RSH 2.7

This orange sorcerer is a super-rare RSH, … one of only 17 examples to leave the Zuffenhausen factory.

The Carrera RSH is among the most elusive Porsches in existence along with the G-Series 3.2 Carrera Club Sport and the 964 Carrera 4 Lightweight – so much so that few people have even heard of the car. That itself is bizarre, given the 911 is the most popular sports car in the world. With the 917 rendered obsolete thanks to new regulations in 1972, Porsche decided to go about homologating its 911 for the GT Championship’s Group 4 category. This wasn’t a straightforward process, however. In order to meet the 960kg weight requirement for homologation, each of the first (and required) 500 Carrera RSs was stripped of almost all its trim, sent to the local authorities in Stuttgart to be weighed, before returning to the factory to be converted back to ‘Touring’ or ‘Lightweight’ specification ready for delivery.

Just 17 owners chose to keep their cars in ultra-light RSH spec, keen to experience the 911 in its purest form, and for that, we must thank them. As you’d expect, the car was devoid of almost any creature comforts, and where grammes could be shaved, they were done so ruthlessly. Gone were the carpets, glove-box door, clock, tool-kit and sun-visors from the interior; thinner-gauge steel was used for the body; stickers adorned the nose and tail instead of the enamel badges; and smaller six-inch Fuchs were used at each corner.

The list of weight-saving measures was exhaustive, but the lesson in lightening was well worth it – a no-options RSH tipped the scales at a paltry 935kg. To put that into context, the 2.7 Carrera RS ‘Lightweight’ weighed some 30kg more, while the road-biased and comparatively luxury ‘Touring’ model added 100kg on top of that.

If you ever needed a good excuse to skip that decadent dessert, this is it.

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