1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Touring

The Carrera RS was launched in 1972 as a homologation special to satisfy requirement for the Group 3 international racing class the following season, one of the most fiercely contested and most important GT categories in Europe. Porsche initially planned to build just 200 cars, expecting little response from clients, but this was quickly revised upwards as it became apparent that the model would be a runaway success both on the road and the track. Some 1,500 cars were eventually built before production ceased in 1973, and from the day the last car was built the Carrera RS has come to be regarded as the high point in 911 evolution. A combination of ultra light weight (900kg in racing trim), a free-revving yet torquey 2.7-liter engine developed specially for the model, fantastic brakes and super responsive handling blend to form a perfect road/race GT which was voted by former Formula 1 World Champion John Surtees (amongst others) as the greatest driver’s car of all time.

Visually, the RS Carrera featured its distinctive striping and its trademark rear burkel or ducktail, as well as flared rear wheel arches to accommodate wider wheels. Numerous other deletions were all in the name of reducing weight, and a tweaked suspension added to the package. Overall, the style of the RS matched its performance in terms of being a trend-setter.


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