1972 Rolex Submariner / Ref 5513

Rolex made the ‚MilSub‘ as a direct order for the British Military through the Ministry of Defence. These were made with specific enhancements that set them apart from their civilian equivalent. The reference 5513 was the first of these to be customised for Military use by making the spring bars solid and welded into place negating the possibility of the spring bar being pulled out. As such all Military Submariners have NATO straps as the more normal straps or bracelets cannot be fitted to the solid lugs. The hands were replaced with the aptly named Sword hands to enhance legibility with Tritium luminosity signified by the T in a circle on the dial.

The case backs are engraved on the interior with the serial number and also on the outside case back with the Ministry of Defence issue number. The military numbers on the back of this particular watch refer to it being issued in 1975.

There are 3 series of the Royal Navy Military Submariner:

– Standard Ref:5513

– Double Ref:5513/5517 (5513 on case and back; 5517 on a lug)

– Unique Ref:5517


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