1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4

The Ferrari 365 GTC was developed to meet the ever-growing demand among Ferrari’s clientele for high performance automobiles, while also accommodating up to four passengers. It was introduced in March 1971 to replace the 365 GTC, which had been phased out two years earlier. Enveloped in a sinuous and streamlined shape, it was clearly developed in Pininfarina’s new wind tunnel, which came into operation at the time the car was being developed. It was clear that Ferrari intended this to be a much sportier alternative to other 2+2 grand tourers on the market at the time.

Its engine was based on the Daytona’s 4.4-liter dual overhead-cam V-12, but the major difference was that the 365 GTCs utilized side-draft carburetion, which allowed for a sleeker and lower hood line. The chassis of the 365 GTC/4 was essentially that of a Daytona as well, albeit it was stretched an additional 100 millimeters for extra cabin room. As the 356 GTC/E employs completely unique body panels that were in no way continued from or carried over to any other model, it remains a particularly singular link in the Ferrari road car lineage, with just 500 examples built over an 18-month period.

As with all of Ferrari’s four-seat models throughout the company’s history, the 365 GTC/4 was lavishly appointed with sumptuous Italian leather, ZF power steering, and a radio, and many models were equipped with air conditioning. Power steering and power brakes were standard, as well as a hydro-pneumatic self-leveling device on the rear suspension, which presumably helped to accommodate its owner’s luggage.


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