1969 Porsche 911 S Ex-Works

Competition has always been in Porsche’s bloodstream, and the company thrived on circuit racing and hill climbs from the outset. Whilst its mid-engined spyders became known as “giant-killers” everywhere from Sebring to Le Mans, its bread-and-butter rear-engined production chassis offered a distinct advantage on tight and twisting hill climb roads. Strangely, the company’s racing department had shown relatively little interest in rallying, although Peter Falk and Herbert Linge drove a new 911 Coupé to 5th place and a class victory in the 1965 Rally Monte Carlo, which was the 911’s initial foray into the international rally arena.

Then, a British racing driver named Vic Elford persuaded the factory to lend him a 911 to race in the Monte Carlo Rally in 1968. With David Stone navigating, and with minimal backing from the racing department, Elford skilfully drove his 911 T to an overall win in the opening event of that season’s FIA World Rally Championship. Adding some frosting to the celebratory cake was the 2nd place finish of Pauli Toivonen and M. Tiukkanen in a 911 S Coupé.

For the 1969 season, Porsche was convinced that the 911 could be a contender, and it prepared an even half-dozen new 911 S Coupés for rally duty. Chassis numbers 119300529, 0530, 0548, 0912, 0931, and 0932 were pulled from the assembly line for preparation. All would be fitted with carefully built Type 911/30 engines that were equipped with Bosch mechanical fuel injection. Chassis and suspension parts were strengthened, lighter-weight aluminium doors were fitted, and all of the usual modifications were made to help these cars and their occupants withstand the worst road and weather conditions.


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