1969 Ferrari 365 GTS

By early 1966, Ferrari had several models in production, including the family oriented 330 GT 2+2, the premium appointed 500 Superfast, and the dual-purpose 275 GTB. None of these models, however, offered anything quite resembling the unique combination of luxury, performance, and styling possessed by the 250 GT Lusso, which ceased production in 1964. At the Geneva Motor Show in March 1966, Ferrari finally addressed this shortcoming with the debut of a new two-seat grand tourer steeped in luxury. The 330 GTC, and its open-bodied GTS sibling, were tremendously popular with more restrained sporting customers, offering elegant aesthetics and classic Ferrari performance.

Late in 1968, the 330 GTC and GTS were quietly upgraded to more formidable engine specifications, with the single overhead-cam motor now displacing 4,390 cc, and developing 320-hp and a formidable 267 foot-pounds of torque. In this new arrangement, the engine delivered a notably wider power band, with significant torque arriving as low as 2,500 rpm.

Minor cosmetic changes visually differentiated the two models, with the new 365 cars featuring engine-cooling vents on the hood rather than the fenders, and a modified interior HVAC vent arrangement. The 365 was also produced in a much smaller quantity, with only 150 coupes and 20 spiders built before the model was discontinued entirely in 1970. Now viewed as the ultimate factory hot rod of the 330 GT platform, the 365 GTC and corresponding spiders combined rarity, exquisite design, and the most powerful single overhead-cam motor ever used on a Ferrari road car.


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