1968 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/2 „Daytona“

The Stradale was an aesthetic triumph and one of the fastest things you could put on a public road in ‘67, but the racing versions of the first Tipo 33s weren’t what you’d call dominant cars. Yes, they saw podiums in a handful of minor events like hill climbs, but they were largely unsuccessful in their first and final season. The following year’s works effort saw a reversal of sorts in 1968, as the newly developed Tipo 33/2 proved to be quite the contender, including class wins at not one, but two 24-hour races: Daytona and Le Mans, the former earning it its nickname.

The „Daytona“ still resembled the original 33s, but it saw a number of changes, the most obvious of which being the elongated bodywork and the fact that the cockpit was now fully enclosed. Along with the rest of its new shell, the longer tail unlocked more top-end speed for the 33/2, and combined with the general refinement of the holdover parts from the early cars, the 2-liter class in the World Sportscar Championship was awarded to Alfa in the first season that the 33/2 saw competition. 2.5-liter cars were also tested and raced in the 33/2, though they often couldn’t keep pace with the more powerful Porsches in the higher-capacity classes.



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