1960 Aston Martin DB4 GT

„Aston Martin’s DB4 GT, [is] one of the most coveted models built in the company’s 101 years.“ Andrew English, Octane Magazine, November 2014.

Just 75 of these GT coupés were built and clothed by Touring of Milan. Designed primarily for the racetrack, it was launched at the London Motor Show in 1959 after the prototype car won its first race and set a new GT lap record at the International Trophy Meeting at Silverstone in the hands of Stirling Moss. The model also raced at Le Mans in 1959.

Although similar to the DB4, the DB4 GT has a shortened chassis to give a wheelbase of 2362cm, a lightened overall weight and significant additional power under the bonnet. Powered by the stunning 3670cc straight-six engine that was fed by three twin-choke Weber 45DCO9 carburettors, a four-speed manual David Brown gearbox and disc brakes. The DB4 GT had a top speed of some 150mph in period; impressive enough today let alone in 1960!



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