1960 Aston Martin DB4 GT Bertone Jet

The highest number DB4 GT chassis (DB4GT/0201/L) was dispatched to the famous Italian coachbuilder, Bertone shortly before Christmas, 1960. And within a few short weeks, a fabulous notchback coupe body, reminiscent of Bertone bodied Ferraris of the time was added. At that time, the car, finished in light green with contrasting grey interior, was exhibited at the 1961 Geneva Salon.

The ‘Jet’ as it was known was principally the work of Giorgetto Giugiaro was also shown at the Turin show in the same year. Unusually for an Aston Martin, the Jet has a body not of aluminium, but of steel which actually makes the car slightly heavier than the standard DB4 GT. You may wish to contrast this car with the only other Aston Martin designed by Giugiaro, the twenty-twenty, unveiled at the 2001 Geneva Salon, exactly forty years after the Jet. And of course, Bertone produced the V12 Vanquish based Jet2 in 2004 and Rapide based Jet 2+2 in 2013.

After a life on the exhibition circuit, the car spent time in the USA and then perhaps also Beirut of all places. After being unseen for sometime, it finally arrived at AML Works Service in 1986 where it has rebuilt to the highest standards. Not surprisingly, it has subsequently won awards at concourse events worldwide.


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