10 Years And 100 Cars Later Singer Is Still Making Us Drool


“What this is, is a love letter to Car” James May concluded after his 2013 test drive of the 911 modified by Singer. That brilliantly summarized idea resonated with me (and probably you too) and since then dozens of companies have perked up in pursuit of creating the “Singer of this” or “Singer of that,” and there’s good reason their cars are described that way. While others have been creating the ultimate shrine to a specific car before Singer, you’d be hard pressed to find another brand with this amount of cachet and curb appeal.

The “Everything Is Important” philosophy, now iterated on over 100 cars, has elevated Singer into what I consider the most important and desirable category of them all: the childhood poster car. The baby boomer generation eternally reminds us of growing up with the famous Countach poster on their wall, and in just 10 years, 911s modified by Singer have become one of theirs and the next generation’s taped and framed idols of the automobile.


Commission #100 shown here has been restored for uber-enthusiast Thomas Trissl. After commiserating together over Germany bowing out of the World Cup earlier that day, we discussed a more positive topic, his choice of colors and options.

Shayan Bokaie: This color is so badass. What was your thought process here?

Thomas Trissl: My first Porsche in the ’90s was a 964 3.6 Turbo in Amazon Blue, and I wanted this car to remind me of that, which is sort of why I went with the blackberry interior. The color is called Lunar Silver and you can see it’s got a touch of champagne in it so it looks good in the sun and in combination with the nickel plated color we have on the mirrors and caps. Most Germans opt for black on black on black, so I wanted to show a little bit of color.

SB: Such a beautiful contrast, really love it. What about your choice of engine spec?

TT: The four-liter was really for the performance. Yes, the sound is one thing but I thought this was a good investment because I plan to make the car my daily driver, which is why I also spec’d the luxury seats and had the entire car installed with a clear bra. I have a beaten-down 964 Carrera 4 that I jump in and drive it without worrying about stone chips or whatever, but this car is a little bit different! [laughs]

SB: That’s what we like to hear. We look forward to seeing it driven hard, enjoy it!


We’re thrilled to hear that Thomas plans to join the ranks of other Singer owners who regularly exercise these beasts and share them with the world. With another 100 cars on order and the highly anticipated Dynamic Lightweight Study (DLS) set to make its public debut this summer, it’s safe to say we’re going to have plenty to drool over.

Source: PETROLICIOUS / Photography by Shayan Bokaie


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